StemCellTalks Ottawa 2011


StemCellTalks is an outreach initiative supported by two leading organizations in the field of science and outreach, the Stem Cell Network and Let’s Talk Science.  StemCellTalks targets primarily high school students in their last years of education with a high interest towards science, particularly stem cell science.

Our mission is to facilitate the dialogue between researchers and students by providing a stimulating and interactive space where the biology and the ethical issues related to stem cell science are openly and freely discussed.   We believe that providing the future generations of scientists, policy makers, lawyers or doctors with the necessary information on the potential of stem cells  is  the key for the development of informed and successful therapies.

StemCellTalks Ottawa will take place in the heart of downtown Ottawa at Desmarais Hall at the University of Ottawa, on March 11th, 2011. Leading edge Ottawa-based scientists and policy makers will meet high school students for a full day of stem cell immersion. Interactive presentations, case studies and debates will allow students to familiarize with the applications and dilemmas surrounding stem cell research.

The first  StemCellTalks symposium was held in Toronto on March 2010 thanks to the committment and passion of three graduate students of the Univeristy of Toronto, Paul Cassar, David Grant and Angela McDonald.

Ottawa will be the third city, after Toronto and Vancouver, to host a Stem Cell Talk Symposium.  The event is being organized by Alessandra Pasut and Alexis Given. To learn more about who they are, visit their profiles.


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