StemCellTalks Ottawa 2011

For Teachers

This year we are excited to offer a new opportunity for grade 12 students to participate in StemCellTalks 2011. This will be a one-day symposium featuring cutting edge research and discussions on the ethical issues surrounding stem cells. This exciting event gives students a chance to interact with world-renowned experts, as well as to meet and interact with other keen students from all around Ottawa. StemCellTalks is sponsored by Let’s Talk Science and the Stem Cell Network.

The day will include round table discussions, debates between leading edge scientists and ethicists, and a poster session featuring the work of graduate students from the University of Ottawa. This will be a great opportunity for your students to meet and interact with experts in the stem cell field. It will be held at the main campus of the University of Ottawa on March 11, 2011.

This fall and winter, volunteers from Let’s Talk Science will be coming to all participating classrooms to get students involved in an interactive debate about the use of stem cells.  Space is limited for the symposium, so a few interested students from each classroom will have the opportunity to attend. If you would like your class to participate, please email

All participating students must provide a completed consent form, which can be downloaded and printed here.

A registration form for the event can be downloaded (MS Word document) for completion here.


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  1. * Janet nadeau says:

    I look fw to hearing more about the upcoming stem cell activity at U. of O!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 1 month ago

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